What to eat

plate of salmon and kale

If you want a fitter, healthier body get your diet right first. Most of your health and body composition goals can be achieved through eating the right food. Training plays a part in improving your physique, but you can’t out-train a bad diet.

The bulletproof diet is a great starting point. It condenses a huge amount of information and research into a one page guide. We recommend all gym members download the .pdf file and stick it to their fridge!

Eating well really needn’t be complicated. Your meal plan could be as simple as this:


Eat 2 or 3 meals per day made from:

vegetables with butter, ghee or coconut oil / salad with olive oil
meat / fish / eggs

Snack if needed on:

nuts (mainly macadamias or coconut) / berries / dark chocolate
bulletproof coffee

To dig into the subject of nutrition a little deeper try any of these books, and their corresponding websites and pod-casts:

All of these authors have recipe ideas on their websites. Alternatively, an internet search for ‘paleo / primal recipes’ will set you in the right direction.