GPP Training Part 1 – Adding variety to your training plan

I like a kettlebell or strict pull up us much as the next person, you can do a lot with a little if you focus the majority of your training efforts on simple fundamental movements. However I also like to throw in some varied movements from time to time.

Training a fundamental move like a deadlift will undoubtedly have carryover to other similar movements, but at what point do you become a specialist at that particular move at the expense of being weak or fragile in other areas?

Not every session needs to be high intensity or a PR attempt, if you are simply doing a movement that is challenging because it is different to what you are used to. Also, for the increasing number of people who have sedentary jobs there is value in just doing some general physical work. If the most strenuous thing you do in your job is walk from your desk to the coffee machine then try replicating some manual labour in the gym.

This is the type of simple session I like to include in my training. A couple of carries and maybe a variation on a often used fundamental or a mobility drill thrown into a circuit.

Here I’ve done:

Bag carry (alternate shoulders) x 4 lengths
Squat to press x 10
Tornado ball x 50
5 sets

Not exhausting by any means, enough to feel good, and challenge the body.