Humans are movement generalists of the animal kingdom. Neither the strongest nor the fastest but one of the most adaptable and capable. Our bodies are designed for work; lifting and carrying awkward shaped objects seems like a fundamental human movement to me.

If you are just starting out training and don’t know a kettle bell from a kettle ball, then some GPP training is the place to start. For the increasing number of people who have sedentary jobs there is value in just doing some general physical work. If the most strenuous thing you do in your job is walk from your desk to the coffee machine then try replicating some manual labour in the gym.

GPP Circuit 3:
  • Barrel press x 10
  • Weighted step ups x 10L / 10R
  • Bag carry (bear hug) x 4 lengths

5 sets

The gas barrel was a last minute experiment. It’s not particularly heavy but moves around a bit. Awkward is the name of the game here.