I like a kettle bell swing or strict pull up us much as the next person, you can do a lot with a little if you focus the majority of your training efforts on simple fundamental movements. However I also like to throw in some varied movements from time to time.

Training a fundamental movements will undoubtedly have carryover to other similar movements, but at what point do you become a specialist at that particular move at the expense of being weak or fragile in other areas? Some occasional change of stimulus can help prevent you becoming one dimensional. As always it’s about having clear goals in mind. If your goal is to increase your squat, dead lift and bench press then the majority of your training time should be spent on those moves. However if your goal is to be generally stronger for reasons of health and resilience or as supplementary training for another sport, then there are a lot of ways to achieve that goal. Some variation on the basic themes can help keep interest and build a broader base of ability.

This is the type of simple session I like to include in my training. A couple of carries and maybe a variation on a often used fundamental or a mobility drill thrown into a circuit.

GPP Circuit 1:
  • Bag carry (alternate shoulders) x 4 lengths
  • Squat to press x 10
  • Tornado ball x 50

5 sets