Here I am again walking backwards and forwards carrying an old punch bag in an effort to offset some of the time I have spent hunched over a laptop.

When I’m putting together a GPP session I like to mix:

  • A whole body movement.
    E.g. clean and press, squat to press
  • A deep knee bend.
    E.g. step up, step over, squat to press
  • Something dynamic.
    E.g. battle ropes, tornado ball
  • A weighted carry.
    E.g. Bag carry, farmer’s walk

Some of these moves fulfill more than one of the above criteria.

I’ve kept it to 3 exercises per session for no particular reason other than sometimes I like mindless simplicity. Each session is reasonably balanced between the criteria but with varied movements like these there is no point in obsessing. String a few of these sessions in a row and you will have challenged your body in a variety of ways.

The weights used for presses are moderate as typically the rep ranges are 10-20. Dumbbells would suffice just as well as kettlebells.

GPP Circuit 2:
  • Battle ropes
  • Clean and press from the ground alternating arms
  • Lunge twist
    (A dumbbell could be used instead of a kettlebell.)

60 seconds work, 15 seconds rest, per station for 6 sets