Functional Fitness Classes

Classes usually involve three to five movements in a circuit and finish with mobility work. We use basic tools such as tyres, battle ropes, agility ladders, weighted carries and exercises using only your own body. Sessions are varied and aim to give you ‘a bit of everything’ or general fitness: strength, ‘cardio’, endurance, mobility, coordination, etc. Classes are open to all abilities.

Personalised Programs

Here’s where you can take your training to the next level. We keep our training as simple as possible, but personalised programs allow us to introduce some new movements that require a little technical learning. Mastering the process is part of what keeps people coming back. Most of our regulars have been training with us for more than five years. Our members include people with very little previous training as well as competitive runners, boxers and martial artists who are looking to add something else to their training.

Personalised programs start with 3 one to one sessions at a cost of £60. After this you can train in a group or continue to train one to one.

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