Unlock Your Physical Potential

When you were young you played. You could run, jump, climb and have adventures without needing a warm up or special workout gear.

Wouldn’t it be good to have some of that freedom back?

The human body evolved to be strong, resilient and versatile. But modern life is making us weak, and fragile.

We’ve become disconnected from the varied natural movement that makes us human.

We’ve replaced physically demanding lifestyles with sports and training that are imbalanced, limited and too repetitive.

Leading us to injury, fatigue and frustration.

We can help you create a resilient and capable body, overcome pain and limitation so you can look, feel and move better.

1 to 1 Functional Movement Coaching

We focus on the 3 pillars of movement, nutrition and recovery.

Your personal training plan will take into account your individual strengths, weaknesses and preferences.

Our 1-1 coaching is based on years of experience with many training systems and is personalised to your needs.

Imran Chaudhary, Head Coach

I’ve been coaching for over 15 years, helping people maintain and improve the fundamentals of human movement. I believe with the right stimuli, we can be physically capable and resilient our whole lives.

My own background is in martial arts and football. In training for these sports, I’ve made many mistakes along the way. Injured and frustrated by training plans that were unrealistic, in-flexible and too narrowly focussed.

Those mistakes have been my biggest teachers. I am committed to using what I have learned to solve my own problems to help you solve yours.


“I wasn’t being consistent with rehab work. I felt disappointed in myself and unable to come to terms with my injuries.”

“Now I am strengthening my body, not beating myself down. I am making progress and working on weaknesses instead of trying to ignore them.”


“I like to race but I was never able to do myself justice. By the time I got to that intensity something would break and I would go back to square one again. The same thing would happen over and over.”

“I’m enjoying running much, much more. I did a session today and injuries didn’t even cross my mind. I feel stronger, flexible, everything feels better.”

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