Body Weight Row

Set Up:

Set bar or gymnastic rings to a height that is challenging to perform set number of reps. A good starting point for beginners is to have the body at 45 degrees at the bottom of the rep. You should be pulling toward the chest at the top of the rep. Lowering the bar or rings increases difficulty.

  1. Put your weight on your heels with feet together.
  2. Externally rotate shoulders / ‘break the bar’.* explain once and link to it.
  3. Keeps your glutes tight and spine neutral. * explain neutral spine once.
  4. There should be no movement in the body except from the arms.
  5. Start with arms straight.
  6. Maintain tension throughout your body – move smoothly. If using rings do not yank yourself into a standing position.
  7. Pause at top the and squeeze your elbows together behind you.
  8. As you become stronger lower the bar / rings. Once you can perform rows where you start with your back just slightly above the ground, you are ready for the next level.