Scapular Pull Ups

Scapular pull ups are a fundamental move to learn before attempting a full pull up. They will teach you to place your shoulders in a strong and stable position for more demanding pulling exercises. The movement itself forms the first phase of a full pull up.

A note on Pull-Up grips

The main grips for pull-ups are as follows:

Chin-Up: At the top of the pull, the palms of the hands would be toward the face.
Pull-Up: At the top of the pull, the backs of the hands would be toward the face.
Neutral: The palms of the hands face inwards, towards each other.

No one hand position is superior, they just present different challenges. Use them all.

  1. Start in a dead hang on rings or a bar. With your arms and legs straight, your feet should not touch the ground.
  2. Look straight ahead and bring your shoulders down and away from your ears by pulling your shoulder blades down and back. It’s like the opposite of shrugging your shoulders. Your arms should remain straight.
  3. Pause for a few seconds in this position then return to the dead hang.
  4. Include a few scapular pull ups as a warm up before your full pull ups.